Freckled & Fancy

Precious Petals Chandelier Earring Collection


The Precious Petal collection gives colorful twist to the Freckled & Fancy jewelry collection. It consists of seven vibrant colors that will definitely turn heads this Summer. Each earring is unique and has a variety of finishes (iridescent, matte, glossy), styled to accentuate the neck.  


  • 4 inches length (11.2 CM)
  • 15.4g in weight


  • Zinc alloy gold hardware and earring posts
  • Polymer Clay
  • Plastic

Colors Available

  • Emerald (iridescent)
  • Ruby (iridescent)
  • Sapphire (iridescent)
  • Turquoise (matte)
  • Citrine (matte)
  • Orange Jasper (matte)
  • Pearl  (glossy)


  • Item will ship USPS or UPS 5-7 Business Days


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